SILO Single Malt is here!

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Spirits are exotic, attractive, exciting beverages. They call to mind numerous stories and memories. Scotch, in particular, evokes images of leather armchairs, libraries, and old men with monocles and pipes. If you’ve visited the distillery in the last six months, you may have heard me talk about SILO Single Malt. As the first release of our Distiller’s Select series, our Single Malt means a lot to me, especially since the release is planned in conjunction with my wedding!


Those who know me know that I am a Scotch enthusiast. Single Malt Scotch refers to Scotch whiskey which is produced entirely at one distillery. While everything we do at SILO is done exclusively at our barn distillery, SILO Single Malt does share the unique smoky profile common to many of its Scottish cousins. Scotch is known for a peaty smoke character which is hard to emulate here in Vermont, so we’ve chosen to smoke with Vermont applewood.


This fun, grain forward whiskey is comprised of Vermont-grown barley that has been both malted and smoked by Andrew Peterson at Peterson Quality Malt in Monkton, VT. Aged in our used SILO Whiskey barrels, you’ll experience sweet cereal notes accented by cocoa, honey, and of course the sweet caress of smoked applewood. At 86 proof, it offers both warmth and smoothness.


Look for it at our Windsor distillery and in Vermont liquor stores and restaurants starting in late July, and grab a bottle quickly! It’s a limited release!