Meet the SILO Team: Sarah Thabault, Brand Ambassador

Since we have a great crew here at SILO, we thought we would introduce you to one of our team members. If you've ever been to an event of ours in Burlington it's most likely that you've met Sarah, our extraordinary brand ambassador. Let's get to know her, shall we? 

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What does your role as “brand ambassador” for SILO include?

As brand ambassador, my biggest role is spreading the good word about SILO to bars, restaurants and VT locals.  I love being able to talk with folks about our local partnerships and the measures we take to promote sustainable practices.  Another big part of my job is working within the local community to collaborate on fun events such as the upcoming Burlington Sip and Shop on Church St or our Valentine’s Day Brunch at the Whiskey Room.  I also love doing tastings at bigger events like the Food and Wine festival and Grace Potter’s Grand Point North last summer- both of which had the added perk of spending the day on the waterfront.  Either way, it comes easy representing a company that makes such quality spirits that I am genuinely behind!

What question are you asked most often? And what’s the answer?

I would say cocktail suggestions for our more unique spirits such as Lavender Vodka or Aisling Whiskey would be the questions I get asked the most.  It’s fun seeing people be so intrigued by something they may have never experienced before and getting creative with them to come up with cocktails they are really excited about.

What brought you to Burlington?

I came to VT in May of 2014 with plans to stay just for summer. I have a really big family base here. My mom is one of nine so lots of aunts and cousins! I thought it would be fun to stay for longer than just a week visit. The close knit nature of the community in Burlington and the gorgeous lake and mountains got the best of me, and here I am almost four years later!

It's pretty hard not to fall in love... hello Lake Champlain in the Summer! What’s your favorite thing about living here?

I would say my favorite thing about living here is the landscape.  VT has the best of both worlds- a huge lake and gorgeous mountains. In the winter I love to snowboard. Sugarbush and Bolton are my favorite spots.  In the summer I spend as much time I can on the water, at the beach or - my favorite thing - at one of the many local swimming holes.  

What’s your favorite SILO cocktail to make and why? 

Cucumber Vodka is my favorite SILO spirit. It is so smooth and clean and always brings me back to summer. My favorite cocktail to make with cucumber is simple and delicious. It’s muddled basil, simple syrup and fresh squeezed lime juice shaken hard with cucumber vodka and poured into a chilled martini glass. It’s so refreshing and the muddled basil and lime juice gives it a really pretty light green color. I like to garnish with a cucumber wedge. 



Okay thanks Sarah, now you have us all dreaming of warmer days! I guess the snow is pretty great too though. Stop by one of the many events going on in Burlington this month and say hello to our pal Sarah.