Ode to Vermont

August 25, 2017
Jennifer Sensenich

I think we can all agree - we love Vermont.

From the snowiest of winters to those breezy Summer nights and crisp Falls, it feels good to call this place home. 


At SILO we work to bottle up the beauty of our home state into your favorite spirit. Made from non-GMO corn grown by Grembowicz Farm in North Clarendon, Vermont, our vodka is twice distilled, bottled and labeled right in our barn in Windsor.


After all the alcohol is removed, the spent grain is then sent off to these piggies at SpringMore Farm in Baltimore, VT about thirty minutes down the road. The pigs then till the garden to get it ready to plant the cucumbers for SILO Cucumber Vodka.  Full circle, Vermont style.

SpringMore Farm in Baltimore, Vermont 

SpringMore Farm in Baltimore, Vermont 

From start to finish, the whole process stays in the state and that’s the way we like it. 

From the farm, to our barn, to your bottle, and back again, we love our state and hope each sip of our vodka will remind you of home. No matter if you’re in your backyard or across the world, the smooth finish of honey, sweet corn and lemon is there to remind you of the Green Mountain state. What do you love most about this place we are lucky enough to call home?

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