Pigging Out on SILO – Meet John, Becky, and Springmore Farm

So where does all that grain go when we’re done with it? Why, to pigs and poultry of course! John and Becky Lomachinsky run Springmore Farm, a diversified family farm located in Baltimore, VT. I first met John at an agricultural meet and greet hosted here at the distillery. Now, we see each other every week! The same kind and jovial demeanor I’ve come to know and respect is evident in everything at Springmore Farm – from the birth of piglets; to feeding time; to the harvest of produce, pork, and fowl.

Once our stripping run – the initial distillation used to remove alcohol from the wash and concentrate it into a more efficient distillate – is finished, we pump the remaining water and grain porridge into 275 gallon totes. John and Becky come by once a week and we all catch up while pumping grain into their carriers. The pigs now expect it, and hearing tales of piglets as they first taste our spent grain is certainly a highlight of my week.

Springmore Farm_preview.jpeg

It’s fantastic to be able to talk shop with a farmer on a regular basis. I’ve learned an incredible amount about the local agricultural economy. John is well connected and is a passionate champion of small, diversified farming. Not only have he and Becky been great sounding boards for some R&D around the distillery, but they’ve also become great friends and neighbors. (The farm is but a couple minutes from our new house!)


If you’re interested in Springmore Farm, they operate a Poultry CSA and offer gift boxes. They sell at the farm and at the Ludlow and Woodstock Farmers markets. For something really neat, come to the Farm-to-Barn-to-Bottle dinner at Burlington’s Hotel Vermont on Thursday, October 19. I’ll be there to talk shop, and the meal will feature a cocktail and food pairing that will showcase some of John and Becky’s work!